Tintern, by Alfred Parkman

Tintern; Alfred Edward Parkman (1852-1931); Watercolour on paper; Estate of C.H. Moor

This painting of Tintern Abby by Alfred Parkman is in the collection of the estate of C.H. Moor. Alfred Parkman was reportedly one of the founding members of the Swansea Art Society in 1886. While it is not known how or when this painting came to be in the possession of C.H. Moor, it's most probable that Moor obtained the painting while they were both members of the Swansea Art Society.

About Alfred Edward Parkman

Alfred Parkman, born 1852, was a Bristol topographical painter and was the son of painter Henry Spurrier Parkman. Parkman moved to Swansea in the mid-1880's and became an early member (perhaps even a founding member) of the Swansea Art Society, which formed officially in 1886. In the book entitled "A History of the Swansea Art Society 1886-1986", author Roy Knight states that Parkman was an Associate of the society from the first year and goes on to say it's recorded that he lived a bohemian life with an artist friend in a converted stable loft at the Mermaid Hotel in Mumbles.

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